A Day in the Life of an American Male Exchange Student

As awesome as that seems, remember I put my pants on one leg at a time just like you. It’s just what happens once those pants are on is the difference. Instead of a “good morning” I hear a “buongiorno Kelton!” from my booming Italian father. He follows that up with an Italian coffee. I then walk out the door towards school. My sister and I meet her friend outside our building and there I am greeted with an Italian kiss on each cheek.

When I get into my classroom I am welcomed by an assortment of handshakes, hugs and kisses, depending on the gender of course. At certain times during the day I must go to a different class because my normal class has a lesson in something that would go way over my head, like French, German or Philosophy. During one of these periods I had to go to an Italian lesson in a Freshman class of all girls. Upon walking in the door the entire class (whom I had never meet) erupted into applause. One girl was so touched by my presence that she actually started crying. Like eyes full of tears. Never in my life has somebody been that happy to see me, and I had no clue who this girl is (still don’t).

I’m assuming it was just because I’m American and Italians think that’s really cool. So if you are American and like making dramatic entrances, come to Italy. They will soak up your every highly accented word. Just saying the words “North Carolina” caused a young Italian to her whip out her phone’s audio recorder so she can enjoy my sultry voice anytime she pleases.

When I told these stories to my biological mother she told me to put a picture of Shaun Cassidy and I next to each other in my blog. I have no idea who this is but if you are over the age of 35 I’m sure you’ll find this joke hilarious.



In other news, Italy is still beautiful.





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