General Happenings

I want to give a quick shout out to all five of my fans from New Zealand to the new world. Y’all are the motivation to keep me on this blog grind.

A fun activity for me is to discuss the horrors of American fashion to my very fashion-savvy sisters. For example, the popularity of khakis, hoodies, slides, and Goodwill. I’ll give you Italian fashion in a nutshell—black. Also quite pricey. When Italian fashion strays from black, it runs into the warm embrace of colorful knitted sweaters. Upon learning this, I impulsively decided that I had a colorful knitted sweater sized hole in my heart and then quickly filled it with this masterpiece.



I plan on making a lot of grandparents very jealous.

For those of you who happen to be familiar with the greater Winston-Salem area, you no doubt are aware of what goes down at Tanglewood park at Christmas time. That’s right! A giant display of our finest Christmas lights! It turns out that the Italians also like to show their holiday cheer with large amounts of festive electricity. The following images show the seaside town of Salerno with its world famous lights.

*note my need for a haircut.










Here are some pictures of the world famous Salerno by the light of the world famous sun.









Continuing my series of Italian food inspired poetry, I present to you….


Lotto Gelato


A scatterplot correlating gelato and happiness would be a perfect line,

That’s because they go together like lemon and lime.


Chocolate, Nutella, Stracciatella,

I can’t pick a favorite, let me tell ya.


Yes, the gelato in the picture was mine,

And BOY! Was it fine!


Really quite divine,

Deserving of a shrine.


“Oh yeah!” you might say “I love ice cream!”,

This is something you would probably scream.


However, ice cream isn’t gelato!

This should be Italy’s national motto.


Gelato is smooth as Tennessee Whisky,

Ice Cream is icy, less healthy and can cause problems like Monica Lewinsky.


Gelato has my vote any day of the week,

For gelato, you could say I’m a Super Freak.


My current record is three in one day,

But I want to achieve more, and be powerful just like Clay.


Instead of power, I may end up with heart disease,

But most likely is brain freeze.


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