Naples: A world of its Own

Naples, the crown jewel of Southern Italy. Much like Africa is the cradle of humankind, Naples is the cradle of pizza. Actually though. I looked it up just to be sure.

Even if I mention that I recently had pizza, an Italian will immediately ask where the aforementioned pizza was consumed. If I don’t say Naples, they will assure that it would have been better had it been eaten in Naples. I am literally an hour away from Naples but apparently Avellino’s pizza game is comparatively very weak.

I always thought that Avellino’s pizza was pretty darn delicious until I finally went to Naples and realized what all the hype was about.


“Girl are those space pants? Because you’re outta this world!”

“No, they are softball pants, because they’re outta your league.”


What I’m trying to say is that in this example, Naples is the softball girl whose pizza is just way too good for the poor space enthusiast.

Aside from the pizza, Naples also offers a large selection of other fun activities for old-world culture deprived tourists like myself. One can admire the beautiful coastline highlighted by the infamous and ever-looming Pompeii.


For those people who have a historical museum sized whole in their heart, they can go on tours until their head falls off due to an OD on knowledge. Surprisingly enough, a group of foreign students passed up this opportunity and saved their Euros for more important things like pizza and gelato.




One can also see all these following locations and marvel in their interestingness.




I put the last one in black and white because I attend an art magnet school.



Having nothing else to to talk about, here is a quick poem about Naples. Excuse my forced rhymes.



Hello, and welcome to Naples,

Even more fun than your favorite office supply store, Staples.



This ain’t France, so there ain’t crêpes(els).


Even more fun than potions professor Severus Snape(els).


It’s a walking city! So you can get in shape(els).


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