Yes, I know that is Spanish. The reason it is my title as it relates to a story from about two weeks ago that most certainly needs to be forever engraved somewhere on the World Wide Web.

My family was driving to Paestum, a beach town where they have an apartment. This might be one of the oldest beach towns ever actually because there was a giant ancient Greek city complete with the big columned temples.


Like this is B.C. level stuff here. The beach is also beautiful so I can see why the Greeks set up camp here.


Anyways, the reason for the señoritas is about the last ten miles before we got to our house, there were a random placements of scantily clad females along the side of the road.

Every time we passed a group my Dad would yell “Señoritas!!!” and crack himself up. I thought he was just cat-calling to be funny but as it was later explained to me, the girls were actually “ladies of the night”. Meaning if you had the means and knew a hotel to rent by the hour you were all set.

Believe it or not, this was my first time ever witnessing this sort of business but nobody, except me, seemed particularly phased by it. On second thought, possibly the white sand beaches were only half of the Greek’s decision to stay.

That night we went down the coast to Agropoli, which I only saw by the light of street lamps, but I could tell it was beautiful. There we absolutely stuffed ourselves with famous pizza served in hand-woven baskets.


Also this is what my family looks like if any of my avid blog fans (Mom and Dad) want to see.


In more recent events (last weekend) it was my uncle’s birthday, and so the whole family went out to a farm to celebrate. And by celebrate I mean eat. Italians can put away food like no other. They also have a plentiful supply of delicious food so they have a pretty good system. Here is my dad slicing some prosciutto right off the leg.


This is not a giant onion; it is actually some of the most powerful cheese I’ve ever tasted. Like you think your mouth is bleeding, it was amazing.


This is the view from where we ate.


Here is my uncle celebrating with one of the largest bottles of wine I have ever seen while his friend enjoys a cigar.


In conclusion, (shout-out to all my English teachers on that one), that’s it.

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