The Greatest City on Earth

From last Thursday to yesterday (Monday) I was in Venice. I have been there before, but this time I feel like I really appreciated how great of a place it is. To prove it, this post is teeming with photos.

In this picture, the city’s flag flies over a canal.


Here is my sister, Noemi, and I in front of the library from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. It is actually a church in real life but that’s beside the point.


I couldn’t find a good picture of Indiana posing in front of the church but here is a picture of the back of his head for proof that I’m not just making this all up.


While we in Venice we also went on a boating lesson. Like the kind of boat you see in the pictures with the dude perched on the back with the one long oar. I have a new respect for those guys because it is insanely hard to steer. Since the oar is only on one side you have to use it as a rudder and a paddle at the same time. Super skillful.

Anyway, here is a very awkward picture of my sister and I paddling the boat in a circle because we couldn’t steer.


I’m going to let the next couple of pictures speak for themselves.












I have to give photo creds to Noemi on the last panorama because my hand is nowhere near steady enough to do more than 90 degrees.

While we were in Venice we also went to two tiny neighboring islands named Murano and Burano. Murano is famous for its handmade glass creations.



Burano, however, was my favorite. It is famous for its pastel colored houses. I enjoyed it so much because of the openness, the sea, the trees, and the grass. My Italian environment is actually a bit of a concrete jungle, especially compared to my Little House in the Woods in North Carolina.


Here is another example of Noemi’s superior panorama skills.


Here is my beloved grass.


Now some more impressive panorama work from the one and only Noemi Romeo (who thought I was being serious in this picture).


And here I am doing the “I’m keeping this tower from falling over!” thing with a tower whose lean isn’t that noticeable.


The pictures truly can’t give Venice true justice. To really grasp it you need to stand in the middle of a busy alleyway and feel the humidity on your face and smell the fresh bread. Just stand with a cup of dark chocolate gelato in one hand and a cup of dark hot chocolate in the other and eat yourself sick. I’ll leave you with that image of happiness.

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