Welcome to Bosnia

The local time is 6:17 PM and the temperature outside is 33 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit that translates to approximately the fifth circle of hell. Luckily the sun is the only hellish aspect of my time so far here in Bosnia.

I live in a city called Banja Luka which lies in a lush valley clustered around a wide river running through the center of town. I am hosted by a very kind family pictured below.


I have put some serious work in on my FIFA game with the brothers and done some even more serious work on my Serbian game with the parents. I have about 0.01% understanding of random Serbian conversation but that is significantly better than the 0.0% that I started with. I can say with great confidence that it can only improve!

Here in Banja Luka there is one other American student also deployed by YES abroad. Her name is Leah and she’s from California. Upon our arrival we were tasked with a rather arduous scavenger hunt that took us to all of the essential landmarks. If you happen to really like pictures of cool sights partially obscured by my face, you’re in luck!

School starts next Monday so I am unable to speak much on that just yet but once I get the scoop, my valued subscribers will be the FIRST to know about my educational misadventures here in beautiful Banja Luka. Thanks for watching!

One thought on “Welcome to Bosnia

  1. You are the man Kelton !! Look forward to reading more of your travel adventures this year !! Wish you all the best man! Don’t worry I’ll take good care of your mom and dad. Ps really like the euro haircut !!


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