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Howdy. Here is a quick four question quiz I have created elusively for you, the reader.

  1. Name of banana based ice cream dish
  2. Difficult gymnastics move
  3. Kelton’s location last weekend
  4. How to end an unhappy marriage

Please lock in your answer and remember to phrase it as a question. Survey says…… “What is Split?”

Congratulations! You won!

I would like to apologize for the confusing format of my game show. Also for the lack of a cash prize. However the real prize is you get to learn about my FASCINATING weekend in the beautiful city of Split.

Split is a ancient coastal town which sits in modern day Croatia. Like most of the Balkans, it was inhabited by no less than three different groups throughout history who all have some claim to the city. Hence the constant tumult in the region.

As a ‘Youth Ambassador’, I like to do my best to not step on any toes when discussing history that is not my own. I have found it is best to let the locals do the talking and try to figure out situations by asking questions to as many people as possible. This has actually been much easier than I expected because I have found people are very happy to explain things to me, the ‘In House Idiot’. They appreciate my interest and my effort to combat American cluelessness in world history. In Bosnia and Herzegovina students take World History most every year from middle school through high school. Whereas I can only recall two or three years fully devoted to world history.

Let’s jump back to Split and my weekend. Here are some photographs because I know that’s why you’re here. My groundbreaking iPhonegraphy.

Here is a picture of my host family, my host cousin (right) and some idiot who thought backwards hat and shades would look absolutely sick! (left).


This is a picture of some host family members doing mid-hike-yoga.


This is a downright psychotic fountain that I thought was top of the line. In the picture it isn’t super clear but water is being squirted OVER the sidewalk into a giant teacup. Crazy!


Finally I have two photographs of my host brother, Luka, and I posting up.

Well enough about me! Nah just kidding. This is for Pete’s sake! Nobody comes to this monument of self centeredness to hear about other things.

Speaking of myself, I have actually had to do a lot of that recently. Leah and I were invited to an awesome conference for the economic empowerment of youth. There, we talked about ourselves and did a cultural/economical comparison of the US and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We planned to speak for 15 minutes but since we are both incredibly interesting people, we ended up speaking for almost a hour and we had to be ‘played off’ as they say in show biz. Here is proof.


I think I was caught mid blink in this next picture but I’m not sure. I might just always look like that.


In another fun instance of talking about ourselves, Leah and I went to her host sister’s school (more on her later). We visited her 8th grade English class where we talked about ourselves and fielded a wide variety of questions about traveling, US sports, food and politics. Don’t believe me? I have more proof. The group picture always cracks me up. I look like a wax figure that was visited by 8th graders on a class field trip to a wax museum of poorly dressed exchange students.




I promised Leah’s host family I would give them a shoutout on my blog so there it is. It has taken weeks of insistence on their part to receive a special segment in the blog. My main holdup was I felt like I was throwing my journalist integrity out the window by promoting them. It starts as a seemingly innocent shoutout, and next thing I know I’m pumping the internet full of fake news stories and pumping my offshore account full of dirty money. Odds are that won’t happen, but as Justin Bieber probably said at some point, “Never say that won’t happen!”

Since I’m already on the crooked path, I might as well give them the full works. The father is Saša (‘Sa-sha’) and the mother is Daniela. They are super loving people who speak perfect English. Here we are.


The daughter is Eva can be seen bottom right in the wax museum picture. They are wonderful people who really wanted the entire internet to know I think so.

This is the official start of me taking bribes to spread information. Another important landmark in my life.

Speaking of important things, you unsubscribed readers should subscribe so the next time I say something else about myself you will be promptly notified via email!

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