Death’s Doorstep

Back to back like I’m Jordan ’96 ’97. Hello, it’s me, Kelton. I am proud to say I am here to fill you up with even more of my content! After not posting for an embarrassingly long time, I have decided to overcompensate and post Back to Back. “Kelton, what did you do last the … More Death’s Doorstep

Slava: What is it?

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that all of us Americans know and love. But what if I were to tell you that here in the Republika Srpska and Serbia you can enjoy a massive holiday feast with your family and friends more than once a year?! Introducing the Slava! All Serbian Orthodox families have a … More Slava: What is it?

13.1 Bumper Sticker

The long awaited blog is finally here! Feel free to pinch yourself to make sure this isn’t a dream. Ok, ready? Last weekend I was lucky enough to be taken along with my running club to Crikvenica,  Croatia to participate in a coastal half marathon. The ‘travel team’ of my running club turned out to … More 13.1 Bumper Sticker

Sights Seen

  Howdy. Here is a quick four question quiz I have created elusively for you, the reader. Name of banana based ice cream dish Difficult gymnastics move Kelton’s location last weekend How to end an unhappy marriage Please lock in your answer and remember to phrase it as a question. Survey says…… “What is Split?” … More Sights Seen


Hey gang. I’m happy to report I have successfully completed a whole week of school here in Banja Luka. And I’m sure y’all are just ITCHING to hear all about it. On the first day when I walked in, the only thing I knew was my classroom number. I wandered into the wrong hall on … More Scholastics

Welcome to Bosnia

The local time is 6:17 PM and the temperature outside is 33 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit that translates to approximately the fifth circle of hell. Luckily the sun is the only hellish aspect of my time so far here in Bosnia. I live in a city called Banja Luka which lies in a lush valley … More Welcome to Bosnia

Christmas Edition

Reader! This blog post and the previous eight are from my time in Italy, the fall semester of my junior year in high school. They are all posted on the same day because I transferred them from a different site so don’t be thinking I’m fabricating an entire semester in one evening. Also please accept … More Christmas Edition

General Happenings

I want to give a quick shout out to all five of my fans from New Zealand to the new world. Y’all are the motivation to keep me on this blog grind. A fun activity for me is to discuss the horrors of American fashion to my very fashion-savvy sisters. For example, the popularity of … More General Happenings